The Trash Cannon

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The Trash Cannon
Level 1 Shotgun
+1000% bullets per shot
-78% damage penalty
100% less accurate
50% slower firing speed 
Killing zombies just got easier with this! Just get close enough for the zombies to kill you, then pull the trigger! Although, the Medics might just hit you...

The Trash Cannon is a custom primary weapon for Engineer. The weapon features 11 times the bullets of a normal hit, in exchange for said hits doing less damage. However, even after discounting the less damage, The Trash Cannon still does much more damage than the Shotgun. It is designed to allow one-hit-killing Medics from up close, combined with the risks of being up-close. The downsides include shots spreading further with less accuracy, meaning that being far away will likely result in *less* damage than with the Shotgun, with an added slower firing speed, as the weapon cannot be used in rapid succession.