The Surgeon Snack

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The Surgeon Snack
Level 1 Bonesaw
On kill: Gain "Brains"
On taunt: Eat a brain to gain up to 100 health
Stop eating a brain at any time by pressing taunt again
-15 max health on wearer
20% slower firing speed 
Legend says Medic stares off into space as he eats that tasty brain. The legend is wrong. Truly, he is softly singing to his health "I want you back" by The Jack 5

The Surgeon Snack is a custom melee weapon for Medic. The weapon allows gaining "brains" by killing Engineers and using them to heal health by taunting. The weapon is designed to have stored, reliable health but with less max health.

The weapon was added in March 2019 and was suggested by VortexDestroyer. It was edited by Jack5 and Naleksuh.