Classes Swapped

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Classes Swapped is a custom round in PvP. The custom round causes the humans to become Medics, and the zombies to become Engineers. The roles of the teams are not changed-- the humans (who are now Medics) must survive the zombies (who are now Engineers).

In Classes Swapped, the surviving Medics gain access to their Syringe Gun and Medi-gun, while the Engineers lose access to their Shotgun and Pistol, having only their Wrench and PDA. Engineers are still unable to build sentry guns, but may build dispensers and teleporters.



As the humans now have access to the medi-gun, they are now able to heal (and UberCharge) their own teammates. It is common for all teammates to heal each other and undo damage dealt by Engineers (or UberCharge themselves and one other teammate when necessary to survive).


The zombies are now Engineers and now have access to buildings. They are able to build teleporters to easily access the frontlines (being right behind any potential bases by medics) and build dispensers out of sight to heal any teammates.