The Hit and Run

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The Hit and Run
Level 1 Bonesaw
On hit: Gain up to 10 health
50% faster firing speed
-75% damage penalty 
According to all known laws of ZS, there is no way that a Medic should be able to heal himself. His weapon slot count is too small to hold a medigun. The medic, however, heals anyway. Because Medics don't care what TF2 players think is impossible.

The Hit and Run is a custom melee weapon for Medic. The weapon is designed to provide rapid hits with little damage in order to gain health on each hit. It can be used while low on health or to attack while actively being fired at. Even after the extra firing speed is factored in, the total damage is less than the Bonesaw.

The Hit and Run was suggested by Mad Hops Disease and was added in early 2019