The Banshee's Brainwasher

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The Banshee's Brainwasher
Level 1 Bonesaw
Able to use enemy teleporters, the engineers will be alerted when you use one
10% slower move speed on wearer
5 seconds longer respawn time 
All our bad reviews on Yelp are bologna! Our new saw will allow you to sneak up on the humans faster than they can say, "That teleporter is a spy!"

The sound played to Engineers when a Medic takes a teleporter

The Banshee's Brainwasher is a custom melee weapon for Medic. The weapon allows Medics to use teleporters placed by Engineers, however the Engineers will be alerted with a siren sound and an on-screen notice when a Medic uses a teleporter. The weapon contains slower movement speed and "longer respawn time" (bring unable to move for the first 5 seconds on spawn) as a downside. It can be used when there are teleporters that lead to the inside of vulnerable spots of bases, either to use such teleporters or to encourage Engineers to destroy them, preventing other Engineers from using them.