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Welcome to Zombie Survival, a gamemode designed around fighting off the undead horde!

Zombie Survival has lots of different ways to play in both PvP and PvE. Our servers offer:

  • Over 100 maps to play on with a variety of different styles
  • Several custom weapons designed specifically to Zombie Survival and only available on our servers
  • Jewel system available by playing on the servers to unlock actions
  • Bots with AI designed for Zombie Survival to play PvP with few players (or play against bots in PvE)
  • A consistently maintained server with over 4,500 lines of code and no known exploits
  • A friendly and welcoming community for new users

Server information

  • - PvP server #1
  • - PvE server #1
  • - PvE server #2
  • Steam group
  • Discord server